The Naples Archeological Museum

*Two disclaimers before this blog post: A) the pictures just don’t do these monuments justice and B) I’m a huge Star Wars Nerd.*

X-Wing Fighter
Farnese Bull
Hercules Farnese
Jupiter Enthroned

By far and away my favorite Italian experience (thus far) has been visiting the National Archeological Museum of Naples. This was kind  of surprising for me, given my love offood (and the truly remarkable dinners we’ve had at the Monastery here in Arezzo). Dr. Kirk Duclaux, program director of OU in Arezzo, considers this to be one of the best archeological museum in the world. There was something truly incredible, and honestly indescribable, about being in the presence of these works of art. The presence, scale, and apparent power of the Roman sculpture shown (most notably Hercules Farnese and the Farnese Bull). These sculptures came from the Farnese collection, an enormous collection of sculptures that was was housed in the Farnese Palace in Roman during the Renaissance. They include some of the most impressive examples of Roman sculpture still in existence today. Besides these two obvious standouts, Jupiter Enthroned was, ironically, an amusing sculpture. But perhaps the best surprise of the museum were the scattered Star Wars replicas, consisting of an X-Wing with R2-D2, a Land Speeder, a Tuscan Raider hut, and a Worrt (the frog-like creature from outside Jabba’s palace in Return of the Jedi).



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