The OU German Club

As a part of my requirements for the Global Engagement Fellowship Program, I decided to join the OU German Club, since I am currently learning German and am interested in studying abroad in Germany at some point during my time at OU. The German Club puts on a variety of events related to culture, politics, and life in Germany. One of these events is the weekly Stammtisch, where students and faculty meet at House 333 on Campus Corner in Norman to discuss ideas and current events. Additionally, my favorite event I attended this semester was the event where the OU German Club hosted Dr. Stefan Buchwald, an official in the German Information Department, a branch of the German Embassy in the United States. He discussed the immigration crisis of 2015-2016 as well as its effect in the 2017 German Election. It was an enlightening event, to actually have an individual who lived in Germany offer his insights into the events about which I had read a great deal. The German Club is an excellent resource for enhancing one’s learning of the German language, because it offers events in which one can actually speak the language with others as well as informational sessions, such as the event at which Dr. Buchwald presented. However, the German Club is not limited simply to cultural concerns. At an event I was unfortunately unable to attend, a student named Erik Flom presented, exclusively in German, on the work he had done in Griefswald, Germany at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics.

Beyond anything else, joining the OU German Club is an incredible chance to enhance your learning by immersing yourself in some aspects of German culture and connecting with other individuals who share your interest in German culture and studying the German language.

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